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You will need the following supplies:


  • 2 L water
  • 2 L drink container
  • 1 L bowl
  • 1/4 L cooking pot
  • 5 medium-sized fresh young lemons
  • 1/4 L cane sugar
  • ice cubes
  • lemon juice extraction device
  • knife with serrated blade
  • aluminum or plastic membrane wrap
  • strainer

Step 1 – Remove Zest from Lemons

Wash lemons with a light hand soap and lightly scrub to remove any pesticide residue. Using knife, carefully remove only yellow translucent skin, also known as zest, from the lemon skins. This means you will be making very thin slices. Do not include the white pithy material immediately beneath the yellow skin, as it will interfere with the lemon oil extraction. Remove all zest from each lemon. Collect and place shavings in 1 L bowl.

Step 2 – Extract Lemon Oil from Zest Shavings

Pour 1/4 L cane sugar into 1 L bowl with zest shavings. Mix things around. Cover bowl with membrane wrap. Wait 1 hour as sugar begins to absorb lemon oil from zest shavings. Eventually mixture will become yellow syrupy mush. Cool, huh? Tastes just like lemon candy, too!

Step 3 – Extract Lemon Juice

Remove juice from lemons with extraction device. Pour juice into 2 L drink container.

Step 4 – Boil Water

Heat 1/2 L of the water in cooking pot until boiling. Pour boiling water into 1 L bowl on top of zest syrup. Stir things around. Wait fifteen minutes.

Step 4 – Dilute and Cool

Using strainer/sieve to filter out zest shavings, Pour the hot 1/2 L lemon syrup and water mixture from 1 L bowl into 2 L drink container. Refrigerate until chilled, or serve with ice cubes


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