Lydia and Chicken Pox

I’ll have a picture to post later on; however, we think Lydia has Chicken Pox. What’s good about that? Well, now we have a reason the doctor will like for us not giving her the chicken pox vaccine.

 DSC03885  DSC03866

Cyndi here…

I’m still trying to come to terms with this unexpected turn of events.  Lydia has had skin issues off and on since birth.  I always think of it as her “crazy” skin, as often as it’s red, blotchy, eczema-y.  She’s been pretty blotchy since we were gone for Thanksgiving last week, probably because it’s so dry lately.  I try to keep her lubed up with Vaseline and the occasional cortisone for really rough, irritated places.  On Tuesday or Wednesday, I noticed a couple of red spots on the back of her neck and thought…that’s different…  She had one or two others on her back, but she’s so often bumpy and broken out that I didn’t really think much more about it.  Then this morning (Thursday) she had a few more spots on her trunk, and a funny spot at the nape of her neck.  It was enough, and enough of a change, to make me start thinking about chicken pox, but surely not, when would she have been exposed, I’m just being “hyper mommy”.  I talked to Matt, and Dave and Judy, my mom, and Ronda…  At first it was relax, just wait and see, but this afternoon she clearly had more spots on her back and on her head.  A couple even looked a little crusty.  Between talking to everyone some more and a call to the dr., it seems unavoidable that she has somehow gotten chickenpox 🙁 

I hate it that she’s sick, especially since she’s getting over a cold and working on a tooth.  I also feel terrible that I might have unwittingly exposed people at church last night.  My family keeps reminding me that there’s no way to know before they start breaking out, but I still feel bad.  I know chickenpox isn’t the end of the world, and you can’t live in a bubble to protect yourself or others from exposure, but it’s hard not to feel guilty.  Did I take her out too much?  Clean too little?  What if someone catches it from her?  Or caught it from her before we knew what was going on?  These thoughts have been running a wild circle through my mind all evening. This mommy stuff is hard!  I’m just thankful that I’m not in this alone.  God is in control and He knows all about this situation, and He has blessed us with loving, supportive family and friends.

We’ll post more updates as the situation unfolds.

 [Update 12-03-2007 07:17:44]  It looks like her fever broke last night .  Thanks to all who were praying.

[Update 07-09-2008 14:11:41] I posted a few more pictures in this post .  If you want to know why I came across them now, go read that post too.

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