Favorite Food

I had this post written while waiting in LGA; however, I messed up and it didn’t get saved.  So, this is a repost.

While we were in Chaing Mai, we ate at many places including one hole-in-the-wall/avoid-at-all-costs-if-you-are-a-tourist type restaraunt.  We are there because one of our friends suggested it and had eaten there many many times.  I’m glad we went because it was awesome.  Here are some pictures of the place:


 I ordered this dish called Cowsoy (don’t know if that is how it is spelled or not).  It turned out this was my most favorite dish of the entire trip!  I tried to order it other places; however, it wasn’t on the menu anywhere else.  Here is a picture:

It came with this plate of stuff you mixed in with it.  I ate everything except the big brown lump (it was like tofu blood or something like that.  My friend didn’t eat it either).

You then added this spice stuff to it to suit your hotness level:

Here is a picture of two ladies working there.  The one on the right made us this nice fruit slushie drink that we ordered just about every place else we went.  They were good!  She is a believer and she asked us to pray that she would know how to witness to the lady on the left.

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