More Information on MP3 Player

As I blogged before, on the trip over to Thailand, I dropped my mp3 player into this hole in the bulkhead beside my seat.  I took a few pictures and thought I would share them with everyone:


I didn’t say anything to anyone on board (there wasn’t alot they could do about it anyway).  While looking at the Thai Airways magazine, I found a feedback form.  I decided to complete it, explain the problem, and see what they would do.  Below are pictures of what I wrote to them:

Because I lost my mp3 player, I didn’t have any way to record podcasts from the trip.  I’m bummed it didn’t work out (I even bought a 2GB MiniSD card to make sure I had enough space).  Oh well, we’ll just see what happens.  Hopefully I hear from them and they buy me a new mp3 player.

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