Video Capture and Playback

Recently at work, I needed to record some screen captures and embed them into a powerpoint document.  No sweat, right?  Well, first I had to find software to do the screen capture (video not audio).  Then, I had to embed it into powerpoint.  I had used CamStudio with great success in the past so I used it.

Well, when I first did it, everything worked great.  However, as time went on, my video began to thrash (not play cleanly).  It did it sometimes but not others.  This was a pain.

I ended up an assigned an action to an item (right-click and choose action settings) to launch Media Player Classic.  Why not use Windows Media Player?  I tried; however, I couldn’t be certain that the exe would be in the same place all of the time.  I couldn’t just copy it because it requires too many dlls to be registered, etc….  MPC has a nice set of command line arguments (including having the player quit once it played the video once) that made it all possible.

Thanks for no help Micro$oft.  Thanks to the Free/Open Source Software community to rising to the occasion!

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