Are Christians in America Persecuted

That was the subject of a recent post by Stacy over at the Persecution Blog.  I hadn’t posted anything in a few weeks, so I thought I could comment on this (I have an opinion on everything).

Before I answered the question, I thought I would define some terms:

  • Christian — one who is “like” Christ.  A follower of Jesus.  I am not using the term Christian to define people who simply “go to church” or who “grew up in church.”
  • Persecution — Excruciating punishment (from

So, do Christians in America undergo Excruciating punishment for their beliefs?  I think if we are honest, we must say the answer is no.

 Look at our brothers and sisters overseas.  Look at the reports on Voice of the Martyrs.  Then come back and tell me we undergo anything like them.  Just to give you a taste of what I’m talking about, here is a video I found on YouTube of VOM founder Richard Wurmbrand talking (and showing if the compression weren’t so bad on YouTube) about his 1st hadn experience of torture:




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