Gameplay 5-13-2007

My parents and sister came over yesterday afternoon. After eating dinner, we played Carcassonne with a new expasion they bought Cyndi and I: Traders and Builders. Let me tell you…that expansion totally changes the game (not in a bad way…it’s just different).

I farmed, like normal. After counting up the normal points and farmer points, I had a 1 point lead over Cyndi. Well, she ended up with an extra 30 points because she had the most of all of the trader tokens! I don’t yet know how this will affect my gameplay, but it certainly adds a new dynamic.

By the way, the new builder piece is cool. You place it just like a normal meeple; however, you have to already have a guy on the thing. The builder allows you a second turn if you add onto the thing with the builder. This is great for those big mega cities you think will never get done.

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