14 Week Update

Obviously I never got around to posting a 3 month update, but 14 weeks is close enough!

My how our little one has grown 🙂  I don’t have new height/weight stats since we don’t go back for her next check-up until 4 months, but she has outgrown most of her 0-3 month clothes and continues to have chubby little cheeks and legs.  So I think all the healthy growth indicators are present.  She eats very well and has been sleeping through the night consistenly for more than two weeks!  I still wake up every now and then and have to check on her, but I’m slowly getting used to her new sleep routine.  She is awake and alert, and HAPPY,  much of the day.  Lydia talks and laughs (and coos, chortles, gurgles, etc.) with great frequency.  She waves her arms and kicks with excitement.  She also holds her head up very well, when being held and when having tummy time.  Her biggest new thing is reaching out and grasping objects.  She’s been clasping and chewing on her hands, even occasionally singling out her thumb, but on Thursday she was  reaching for the dangling toys on her car seat handle.  And on Friday, she started reaching for the hanging  toys on the bar across her bouncy seat.  She has been grabbing and playing  with the mirrored star in the middle all weekend 🙂 (she already enjoyed her bouncy seat because it plays music and has colored lights that flash across the top of the bar…she’s been watching the show for several weeks now!)  I also added the lap tray to her swing the other day because it has two plastic animals that attach to either side,  She’s not big enough to twist the heads or make them rattle yet, but she stares and reaches.

 It’s amazing to watch her grow and change every day.  Mother’s Day was a wonderful experience and such an awesome reminder of the blessing, privilege, and challenge it is to be a parent.  God teaches us about Himself every day as we let go of our own wants and wishes to meet the needs of each other and of our daughter.  We could never do it alone…it is only through the Lord, His strength and guidance, that we can succeed in marriage and parenthood!! 

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