I was looking through the stats for and noticed that someone came to the site after quering for Dale Jarret RIR 2007.  Occasionally, I’ll go out and do an identical search just to see where we fall.  Well, when I did the search , the link to my post of his qualifying laps was #1 on the list!  WOW!

I think this is interesting for several reasons:

    1 — I don’t do any kind of Search Engine Optimization. 
    2 —  I post about what I want to post about and link to what I want to link to.  I don’t worry about getting more hits or less hits.  I don’t worry about linking to someone else because they might be “bad.”
     3 — There aren’t many links here on the web.  I’ll occasionally go out and search technorati to see who is linking here.  The last time I noticed, there were only a handful.

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