Open Source, Thunderbird, Calendaring, Google, and Outlook

The company I work for uses Microsoft products is a Microsoft shop.  If it doesn’t come out of Redmond Washington, we don’t use it (in all fairness, that is a bit of an overstatement…but not by much).  I don’t like Microsoft.  I like Free Software.  I have recently decided that the next computer I buy is going to run Linux as it’s primary operating system (probably Ubuntu, but I haven’t made up my mind totally yet).  I was talking to a co-worker about this.  Of course, he had all sorts of issues with it (If I’m not the only one who hasn’t drank the Microsoft Kool-Aid here, I’d be shocked to learn it).

Of course, I’m going to have to change e-mail clients (long story….we have used outlook express at home since I moved off of Eudora right after college.  I haven’t taken the time to migrate everything yet).  I’m leaning towards Thundirbird right  That got me wondering if I could come up with some way to have an Outlook type/Lotus Notes type calendaring system where Cyndi and I could keep our calendar.

This morning, I actually set down and did some googling (or is it Googling?) to see what was out there.  My thought was I couldn’t be the only one.  Sure enough, I found several articles, but I ended up at this one .  It looks pretty sharp.  My plan is to migrate off of OE before I make the switch to Linux.  When I start using this solution, I’ll post an update and let everyone know how it goes.

Don’t get your hopes up…it may be some time before I get to try it out.  I am swamped right now.  I posted this mainly so I could find the URL when I actually get time to try it out. 

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