What do you think?

I recently saw the quote below on this web page about Cold Fusion.  What do you think?

 “…if business likes it, you love it.”

I happen to disagree.  Just because a business likes something doesn’t mean it is the best choice.  Part of your job is to always speak you mind and tell them what you think.  If the powers that be decide not to listen to you, fine.  But at least you have given them more options to think about.

River Road Loop — 21 April 2007

Wallace and I went out for a saturday ride today.  At the start, I was worried about the ride; however, it ended up great.  I didn’t know how my body would react to a 30+ mile ride (my longest this year so far has been a 8 mile ride to work).

Today We’re All Hokies

Today we’re all hokies. No, that isn’t true. I’m not a hokie. I never went to Virginia Tech. I didn’t wear maroon or orange today (although I did get to wear jeans to work). Does that mean someone who wore an orange ribbon cares more than me? Would I wear green or white if this had happened at Marshall? Would I wear red or grey if this had happened at THE Ohio State University? Would I wear blue or gold if it had happened at WVU? Nope. I would actually take great pains to not wear those colors. Does that mean I don’t care? Does that mean I’m cruel? This takes me back to the days of Rush Limbaugh’s Deficit Spending Awareness Ribbon. Boy, I wish I had thought of that sooner…I would have wore mine. Actually, I have a dollar in my wallet…I’ll make one.

So, no, I’m not a hokie (what is a hokie anyway. That bird was called a turkey last time I heard). No, I didn’t wear funny colors today. No, I’m not cruel or heartless. Yes, I think it was a horrible thing. Yes, I’ll pray for God to move in a mighty way (comfort the believers through the Holy Spirit and save those who aren’t).

If you click the read more link, you’ll get to see a clip from the Rush Limbaugh show with Rush talking about the ribbons.  The clip would be copyright Rush Limbaugh; however, I believe it’s use here is covered under fair use. 

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