Today We’re All Hokies

Today we’re all hokies. No, that isn’t true. I’m not a hokie. I never went to Virginia Tech. I didn’t wear maroon or orange today (although I did get to wear jeans to work). Does that mean someone who wore an orange ribbon cares more than me? Would I wear green or white if this had happened at Marshall? Would I wear red or grey if this had happened at THE Ohio State University? Would I wear blue or gold if it had happened at WVU? Nope. I would actually take great pains to not wear those colors. Does that mean I don’t care? Does that mean I’m cruel? This takes me back to the days of Rush Limbaugh’s Deficit Spending Awareness Ribbon. Boy, I wish I had thought of that sooner…I would have wore mine. Actually, I have a dollar in my wallet…I’ll make one.

So, no, I’m not a hokie (what is a hokie anyway. That bird was called a turkey last time I heard). No, I didn’t wear funny colors today. No, I’m not cruel or heartless. Yes, I think it was a horrible thing. Yes, I’ll pray for God to move in a mighty way (comfort the believers through the Holy Spirit and save those who aren’t).

If you click the read more link, you’ll get to see a clip from the Rush Limbaugh show with Rush talking about the ribbons.  The clip would be copyright Rush Limbaugh; however, I believe it’s use here is covered under fair use. 


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