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I was reading javajack’s blog when I returned from WV when I noticed this post on his calendar widget .  I don’t use Yahoo! Widget Engine, but this full year calendar widget looks neat.


[Update 2012-12-26 06:54:35] Javajack no longer blogs.  Removed the links.
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Why We Aren’t Buying a House

Cyndi and I get asked all the time when we are buying a house.  For some reason, people think you HAVE to buy a house.  My standard answer is I think things are going to go downhill soon, but didn’t really have a good way to illustrate it.  Until now that is.  I came across a video on google video that illustrates why I think what I think.  The video takes you on a rollercoaster ride of housing prices from 1890 to the present.  The track follows the curve of the housing price graph.  Take 4 minutes and watch it.


Lydia’s 2 Month Stats

For everyone out there interested, here were Lydia’s stats at her 2 month checkup:

Weight: 10lbs 10oz
Height/Length: 22.75 inches
Head (cir): 15.5 inches

10 Ways to Increase Giving? I only need 1.

I read tons of things on the internet.  Some from sites I agree with, some I’m sort of nuteral on, and others I don’t agree with. is in the ok list.  Some of their stuff is good, some isn’t, and I don’t agree with most of it.  Take this post on 10 Ways to Increase Giving.  Just for reference, here are the 10:

#1 – Personal giving testimonies
#2 – Outside teaching resources that will teach Christians to manage their finances
#3 – Annual financial or whole life stewardship sermon series
#4 – Designated giving
#5 – Money-back guarantee
#6 – All-church tithing Sunday
#7 – Pre-offering Bible verse, comments and offertory prayer by a church leader
#8 – Effective use of your church’s giving records
#9 – Outside stewardship speaker
#10 – Start a Christian financial counseling ministry 

 Way way too complex.  The way to increase giving is by doing some simple…very simple things:

1) Teach what the Bible says:  God commands Christians to give [a minimum of] 10% of their increase [pre-tax income] to the storehouse [the local church you are a member of].  If you are not, you are robbing God.

What about the people who can’t tithe?  Everyone can tithe.  If you made a dime (10 cents) you can tithe (that would be a penny by the way).  Well, technicially, I guess you couldn’t tithe if you only made a penny…in that case, be like the widow who gave her two mites and give the whole penny.  If you aren’t tithing,the Bible is clear…you are robbing God .

Doesn’t God love a cheerful giver?  He sure does; however, if you can’t even do something as simple as tithe, I think you have a larger heart issue.  If you can’t give cheerfully, here is what I want to challenge you to do:  write your check once a week (or every payday or every month…whatever), put it in the offering plate, and pray that God change your heart.  Give as God commands and pray that He change you heart.

Wasn’t the title part of the old covenant?  No…if you study it, it actually predates the Old Testament law:  Abram tithed to Melchizidek prior to the 10 commandments .

By the way, here is some free advice: round up.  If you made $987.65 don’t write your check for $98.76 (that isn’t 10% by the way…you forgot the 1/2), $98.77, or an even $99.00.  It’s all God’s anyway…why not round up to an even $100?  If you made $1,234.56, why not make your check out for $125 or even $130.  If God has blessed you, my not an even $150.  If you need a reason, it will make your bookkeeping easier.  If you want a spiritual reason…it all belongs to God.

Gideons, Persecution, and Free Speech

In an update to this post about two Gideons who were arrested in Flordia for passing out Bibles on a public sidewalk , we find out that their initial case was dismissed.  But then we also find out that they are going to be charged with violating another statute.  From the story on

Two Florida men who wanted to give Bibles to children in their community are being charged under a state law that bans anyone from being within 500 feet of the land on which schools are built unless they have “legitimate business” or “prior authorization.” 

 The story goes on to point out the “unconsitutionality” of this law:

“This obviously is unconstitutional for several reasons,” Cortman said. “The First Amendment gives you a right to be out there and engage in speech. Is anyone who uses the sidewalk or [the adjacent] highway now in violation?”

He said another issue is the definition of “legitimate business.” It’s not for the government to apply those words using one definition to one group of people, and then apply those words using another definition to another group of people, he said.

“The government is not allowed to have unbridled discretion to define words in whatever manner they choose,” he said.

On the face of the statute cited by the prosecutor, people driving by the school on the highway technically are in violation of the law, unless they have an exemption, and if the same exemption doesn’t apply to the two members of Gideons International, then that creates a content-based speech restriction, which also isn’t proper, Cortman said.

“The question I have is why is the state so intent on punishing these gentlemen for passing out Bibles on public property?” he asked. “This is just beyond comprehension.” 

 The state is intent on punishing these men because Christians are the only group that society says it is ok to not tolerate.  Think about it:  people tell us (Christians) that we are supposed to accept and tolerate them and their views but then those same people turn right around and refuse to tolerate Christianity.  

Betty Maxson

As I mentioned , last week, Cyndi and I had to go back to WV for a funeral.  That funeral was for my Grandma (my dad’s mom).  Below is the text of the obituary as published in the Parkersburg News & Sentinel (link to the obituary on their site ):

 Betty V. Maxson, 79, of Berea, W.Va., formerly of Davis, W.Va., departed this life on Wednesday, March 28, 2007, at the family residence in Berea.

Mrs. Maxson was born Sept. 22, 1927, near Cairo in Ritchie County, W.Va., a daughter of the late William and Myrtle Carder Cantwell. She was a graduate of Parkersburg High School with the class of 1946. While a resident of Davis, she had been employed at the Miners and Merchants Bank and was the town recorder. She was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star at Parkersburg and the South Fork Grange of Berea. Mrs. Maxson was a member of the Davis United Methodist Church at Davis and is now a member of St. Luke’s United Methodist Church of Harrisville, W.Va.

She is survived by her husband of 60 years, Gene Maxson; sons and daughters-in-law, David and Judy Maxson of Richmond, Va., Douglas and Joella Maxson of Lexington, Ky., the Rev. Donald and Karin Maxson of Parkersburg and Daniel and Apryl Maxson of Greensboro, N.C.; 10 grandchildren; and one great-grandchild.

In addition to her parents, Mrs. Maxson was preceded in death by two brothers and four sisters.

Funeral services will be 11 a.m. Monday at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Harrisville, with Pastor Thomas Malcolm officiating. Interment will be in the Pine Grove Cemetery, Berea. Friends may call from 5-7 p.m. Sunday at the McCullough-Rogers Funeral Home, Pennsboro, and one hour prior to the services Monday at the church.

Memorials are preferred to St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, 320 E. Main Street, Harrisville, WV 26362, or the Gideons International, 2900 Lebanon Road, Nashville, TN 37214.

Lack of Updates

I’m sorry for the lack of updates the past week.  Cyndi and I had to go back to WV for a funeral.

If you want to you can…I guess

This was seen on a mailing list.  The discussion was about using iPods (or other MP3 players) while riding your bike in a race setting:

For communications, Cat 3 and below cannot use anything with an ear piece, but how about a Mr. Microphone?  And for music, is a small boom box strapped under the stem OK?