Think it Can’t Happen Here?

According to WorldNetDaily,

Two men who are members of Gideons International, the Christian organization that is famous for, among other ministries, placing Bibles in motels and giving them to children, have been arrested after trying to hand out Bibles on a public sidewalk in Florida, according to a law firm.

Officials with the Alliance Defense Fund have confirmed they will be representing Anthony Mirto and Ernest Simpson, who were arrested, booked into jail and charged with trespassing.

Jeremy Tedesco, one of the ADF’s lawyers on the case, confirmed to WND that the organization’s clients were on a public sidewalk when they were handing out Bibles and school officials summoned police.

Did you ever think it could happen in America?  I sure didn’t.  And I can’t believe that the police actually knew so little about the rights that we as citizens have.

[Update 04-06-2007  08:53:45] I have a new post on this issue.  You can read the update by going to my post on Gideons, Persecution, and Free Speech .

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