First Night At Home

Well, Cyndi and Lydia are both asleep at the moment.  I'm not tired enough to sleep in the daytime yet, so I thought I would write a bit.

First, we had our first multiple diaper change last night.  Cyndi had just nursed Lydia and she was dirty.  I went to change her….right after I got the new diaper under her, she went again.  Well, I held her there for about 30 seconds (just in case it happened again) and decided no more was on its way so I cleander her up and did another diaper.  The same thing happened again!  I repeated the process, and the 4th diaper wasn't dirtied immediately.

Second, I think God has blessed us with a wonderful baby.  In the hospital, everything went well, and everything has continued to go well at home.  Lydia eats, we hold her a bit and try to play, then we put her down.  So far, she is sleeping soundly for 2-3 hours at a stretch.  But, I would like to emphasize that even if things weren't going so well, God did indeed bless us.

Third, I'm trying to get in my mind that Cyndi and I just caring for Lydia for a short time.  I know…18 years (or longer) may not seem short, but if she lives to 80 or 90, most of her life will be on her own.  She belongs to God.  We only watch over her and teach her right, etc….  While we have to do things right (take precautions, feed her, etc…) God is really in control.  He knit her together over the past 9 months.  We can take her to the doctor when she is sick, but He is really the one to heal her.  We can feed (or attempt to feed) her, but He is the one who makes the food and her body do their thing.  I think if I can get this mindset set early, things later on will be easier.

Fourth, I'm sure there are people praying for us and Lydia.  I'd like to ask that you keep my third point in mind when you pray.  Pray that Cyndi and I will do a good job caring for Lydia.  Pray that we would teach her right from wrong.  Pray that we would raise her and train her in the way she should go.  Pray for us that we would remain faithful in our Bible Study through this time of transition.  Pray that Lydia would know that Cyndi and I (and the rest of the family too) love her very much.  Pray that Lydia would know that Jesus loves her even more than we could.  Pray that she would see her need for a savior and accept God's gift of eternal life.  Pray that her walk with God after that point would be strong.  Pray that she would be willing, as the song says, to go wherever He leads.  Pray that we, as her family, would not be a hinderance to that.

Fifth, we discovered that just about all of the clothes we bought are way way to big.  And the sizes don't make sense:  We have stuff that is 0-6 months that is smaller than some 0-3 month stuff.  We didn't buy any newborn outfits because we were worried she would be right at the line and wouldn't wear them that long.  But, I think we are going to have to go get some anyway.

Well, I have written enough for now.  When Cyndi feels up to it, I'm sure she will post about the hospital stay in great detail.

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