Todays Bike Ride — Aug. 12, 2006

Just in case you don't know, I spent most of the week sick.  I didn't get to ride for 4 days.  When I rode on Friday, I felt very sluggish.  Wallace and I agreed we'd keep it simple, short, and just keep it easy this morning.

When I left the house, I felt terrible.  On roads where I was keeping up 18-20mph, today I was struggling to do 15-17mph.  I thought today would be horrible.  Was I bummed.  The temperature was great (perhaos a bit chilly).  Wallace met me and we started riding.  When we got to our turn point, he wanted to do more and I didn't have anything wrong with that.  We experimented with a new road.  This took us out into the country…it was excelent.

On the way back, I finally "hit the groove" so to speak.  I was feeling great and the miles were churning away under the tires.

If you want to see the stats, look at my August 2006 Bike Stats page.  If you want to see the route, click here for the map of our Aug. 12, 2006 ride into the country around Richmond, VA.

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