This is the kind of poll I want to “lag behind” in

One of the blogs I read is Mainstream Baptist.  Don't get your hopes up….it isn't mainstream at all….it is VERY liberal.  Anyway, today, there was a post about Americans Lagging the World in Scientific Understanding.  On the surface, it appears as if that is bad; however, if you look closer, it is a good thing.  Why is it good?  It turns out that it isn't scientific understanding we lag behind in…it is acceptance of evolution:

The study found that over the past 20 years:

The percentage of U.S. adults who accept evolution declined from 45 to 40 percent. The percentage overtly rejecting evolution declined from 48 to 39 percent, however. And the percentage of adults who were unsure increased, from 7 to 21 percent. Of the other countries surveyed, only Turkey ranked lower, with about 25 percent of the population accepting evolution and 75 percent rejecting it. In Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and France, 80 percent or more of adults accepted evolution; in Japan, 78 percent of adults did.

Looks like support for evolution is going down (45% -> 40%).  That is good.  The next number is bad:  fewer people are rejecting evolution (48% -> 39%).  However, there is some hope.  The number of people unsure about evolution went up from 7% -> 21%.

Christians, don't be swayed:  everyone doesn't believe in evolution.  Kids in school, don't let your teachers lie to you:  not everyone believes evolution.  Parents trying to teach your kids the truth, don't be swayed:  not everyone believes in evolution.

Don't forget that we need to give them something to believe in.  We need to stand firm on the Bible.  We need to stand firm on the Genesis!  There is only one Biblical stand you can take:  the earth was created about 7,000 years ago.  God created the earth and everything in it in six literal days(apx. 24 hours…like we know them now).

If you need information to back up these positions, or still aren't sure, there are a few things you can do:

  • Read the Bible.  Especially focus on Genesis 1-11.  Ask God to reveal the truth to you.
  • Go visit the Answers in Genesis website.  They have information and scientific evience that can help you decide.

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