Roady 2 PAS Received

Roady 2 PAS I had been looking for a way to listen to XM on my bike (it is legal in VA as long as BOTH ears are not covered) when I received a special offer to get it for $20 (normal price had been $149!). Cyndi said I could go ahead and order it, so I did. Well, I finally received my Roady2 PAS via UPS yesterday. I took it out of the package, and looked at it…it is a fairly ingenious design. I set it to charge last night. Today when I leave work, I'll take my Roady2 home and try it out. Once I use it for a few days, I'll let everyone know what I think.

BTW, the image to the left is from the Delphi website. I didn't think they would mind me using their image to plug their product!

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