12 weeks and counting

Tomorrow, Little One is officially 12 weeks old! I realize this isn't as big a milestone as it will be when we can hold L.O. and celebrate our first 3 months together, but it's still pretty exciting. It can be hard not to wonder if everything is going alright, if he or she is growing right along…but it's comforting to know that we're pretty much through the 1st trimester. And whatever happens, God is in control!!

I have been feeling much better lately. Mostly, I only feel poorly if I need to eat…which seems to be more often than in the past 🙂 It's been challenging to try to adjust my eating habits, but I'm working on it. At least I feel like eating again! I haven't really put on any weight since I was sick off and on for so many weeks, but I think my stomach just may be getting a little rounder. I'm even looking forward to the time when my clothes get snug!!

Speaking of, I bought my first maternity clothes on Saturday:^) We spent the day with my aunt and uncle in MD and Angela and my cousin, Rachael, took me to Baby Depot to check things out. It was a lot of fun just to see everything and laugh with the girls! And I got a really cute white shirt and a long, black broomstick skirt that, while too big now, should serve me well through most of the pregnancy…as long as I don't gain 50 pounds or anything!!

This week will be busy thanks to VBS, and next week will be even worse since I'll be working long days with the missionary kids, but it'll help pass the time to my next OB visit on August 1!!!

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