TDF 2006 Stage 3 — July 4, 2006

I just got done watching OLNs live coverage of the 2006 Tour de France.  There were two wrecks (I saw one and missed the other) where guys broke collar bones.  The second appeared to be caused when one or more riders in the peleton twitched and was hit by others.

Here are some news stories about Stage 3 of the 2006 TDF:

At the end of today's stage Matthias Kessler sprinted out and ended up and won the stage.  I was rooting for him the whole way to the line.  For those who don't know, in yesterday's tour, Kessler got out in front, put in a good effort, but got caught by the peleton.  I was bummed….he put out a good effort and didn't get the stage win.  OLN mentioned that Kessler later said he felt robbed.  I would to.

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