TDF — Stage 1

We had church this morning so I taped OLN's coverage of the 2006 TDF stage 1.  We have visitation at 3 so it will this evening before I get to post much about today's TDF stage.

For more information about today's stage, here is the offical TDF page about stage 1.

Here is a graphic showing the profile of the stage:

2006 TDF Stage 1

What you will notice is 1 cat 4 climb.  Bob Roll (on OLN) just said that was probably a highway overpass!  These guys are hillarious!

Oh, I just heard that Floyd Landers (the guy who showed up late yesterday) showed up late because of a tire flat.  Since it was a time trial, they don't use quick releases.  It took a special wrench and 1 min to change.  Because of that, he lost about 8 sec.

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