Feds Seize Million Dollar Bill?

I was reading WorldNetDaily this morning when I came across this article talking about the Secret Service seizing counterfit million dollar bills.

Basically, it boils down to this:

As WorldNetDaily reported, the controversy began Thursday when the agents visited the Great News Network in Denton, Texas, and threatened to arrest staffer Tim Crawford for hiding evidence in a counterfeiting investigation. The agents took 8,300 tracts and left their business cards and a receipt.

The Christian group argues, however, that "million-dollar" bills can't be counterfeited because they don't exist, and the tracts – which include a "not legal tender" disclaimer on the front – present the Christian salvation message on the opposite side.

So, to Ray Comfort, the Great News Network, and Living Waters Ministries, I say keep going.  I'd stick with this and fight it.  As you say:

"The thinking is that if agents show a judge a copy of the $1 million tract, he would laugh till he cried and then, after catching his breath, he would thank the agents for a good laugh and then ask them to stop wasting his time," he explained.

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