HOWTO — Post to your Blog

I know several people are wondering, so I thought I would finally sit down and write an article talking about how you can post to your blog. Step 1) You need a username and password. Take a look at this FAQ for more information.

Step 2) Now, you need to login with your new username and password. To do that, go to the admin page (I sent you the URL with your username and password). Enter your username in the Admin ID box and your password in the Password box. admin login

Step 3) Once you are logged in, scroll down till you see the News icon (it is in the Modules section): news icon

Step 4) Scroll down to the Add New Article section. This is where you will start entering your blog post.

Enter the title of your post in the Title box. Examples of titles are: What I did today, Today we visited Williamsburg, New Pics Posted, etc….

Select the primary topic for your post from the Topic dropdown. Do not pick the title of your blog here (that will come later).

In the Associated Topics section, check any additional topics that relate to your blog post. If you need a new topic added, send me an e-mail and I’ll take care of it. blog post setup pt 2

Step 5) Choose your blog title from the Category drop down.

If you want your post on the homepage (why wouldn’t you?), choose Yes to the Publish in Home question.

Choose Yes to the Activate Comments for this Story question if you want to allow people to comment.

Put some teaser text into the Story Text box. If your post is short, this may be all your have.

Enter the rest of your post into the Extended Text box.

Use the controls provided to Bold, Italicise, Underline, strikethrough, etc… your text. The boxes provide WYSIWYG editing capabilities. If you want to add a hyperlink to another site or article, enter your text, highlight it, then click the chain icon. You will be prompted to enter the site you want to link to and whether or not you want to open the link in a new window (choose this if the link is off site) or in the same window (choose this to link to another article) blog post content

Step 6) If you want to publish your story immediately, you can skip the Do you want to program this story question and section. Just choose Publish Story from the drop down and click the ok button.

If you want to schedule your story to appear on a certain date/time, choose Yes and enter the Day, Month, Year, and time you want your story to appear.

You can also attach a poll to your article, if you want. To do that, simply complete the Attach a Poll to this article section. It is difficult to add a poll later on, so remember that. blog post post

If you have any questions about posting after this, send me an e-mail: admin (at)

Next, I’ll talk about posting pictures and adding pictures to your blog entries, I think.

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