How Real Is Our Faith?

This morning in chapel, we heard from a missionary to India. He talked about many things, but what hit me the hardest was a video he showed. In this video, they talked about a group of 12-15 national church leaders. These leaders meet every week for an accoutability group to make sure everyong is keeping up with everything. A portion of that time is spent talking about how they have shared their faith. In two weeks, this group had shared the Gospel with… …120 people! 120 people in two weeks! And these are people working with the "working poor" in India.

American Christians, wake up! We need to be active in sharing our faith! Why aren't we? Is it because we simply have a veneer of "christianity"? God really hit me this morning…we–no, I–need to figure out how to witness more for him everyday. Is it unreasonable for me to witness to five people a week? I don't think so…I just have to figure out how to meet people.

So, God is working in my life and dealing with me about how I need to share him more. But before I can share, I have to meet people (remember, I work at a Christian organization around Christians every day). I've got to figure out…actually, I need to seek God and let Him tell me how I can meet more people and witness to them.

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