Only Way to Heaven?

It seems that Kirk Cameron is troubled by a poll that shows 68% of evangelical Christians think that Jesus is not the exclusive way to God.

Kirk Cameron is troubled? What about me? I'm troubled by this too! Are you?

Along the same lines, Dr. Mohler has an article on his blog today about inclusive positions on the way to heaven. I think these two things speak towards our belief (or lack of belief). If people really believe the Bible, would they believe this way?

Jesus claimed repeatedly to be the exclusive way to Heaven and a right relationship with God. The Bible says it…. Are we willing to stand by the Bible? Why do "Christians" play church and believe the Bible in such a wishy washy way? It would be much easier for them to just admit they aren't Christians and quit playing church. They could then go golfing, boating, or insert your favorite activity here on SUnday morning and not have to worry about anything.

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