Letter to Amazon

In response to this blog post about Amazon.com, I took my own advice and wrote them an e-mail. The text of the e-mail is below:

Director of Customer Service:

I was surfing the Internet this morning and came across a report of a book that Amazon.com is selling. The title of this book is "Understanding Loved Boys and Boy Lovers." In the past, I have purchased several items from Amazon.com and turned to your site first to purchase books online. After reading these posts and coming under God's conviction, I have made up my mind never to purchase items from Amazon.com again.

Please be aware that this book is not the only book or item you sell that I disagree with. There are a plethora of others. Reading the articles online about "Understanding Loved Boys and Boy Lovers" simply made me aware of the problem. From this point forward, I will research companies I do business with. I will not do business with companies that sell things or engage in practices I disagree with.

I have posted an entry on my blog about this issue. The URL is http://www.techs4jesus.com/cgi-bin/blosxom.cgi?/2005/08/13#20050813_AmazonCom. In addition, I will encourage others to research where they do business and not do business with companies they have problems with.

Thank you for your time.

Matthew Maxson

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