This post by Dr. Mohler about a religious test for judges is scary. Come on folks…have you not read the Constitution? To do this would be incredibly unconstitutional.

He actually suggests that Christian leaders — both Roman Catholic and Evangelical — should be called before the Senate Judiciary Committee to say whether they would discipline a church member who, as a judge, voted to uphold Roe v. Wade. He suggests that a Catholic judge, for example, has "an automatic conflict of interest" when it comes to cases dealing with abortion. The same would hold true for an evangelical judge whose church would take action against him on the basis of his judicial decisions.

I can honestly say that I never expected a major American newspaper to give space to such a blatantly unconstitutional argument. The Constitution prohibits any religious test for public office. Given this nation's political history, one might think that a paper located in highly-Catholic Boston would keep this Constitutional principle rather firmly in mind.

Since liberal denominations take a liberal position on abortion, they get a pass, along with judicial nominees who may be their members. This kind of proposed legislation would be directed only at denominations and churches that are pro-life.

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