Incarnational vs Attractional

Over the past week, I have started reading more and more blogs. I started with a few, and as they referenced others, I added them to my list. Some are good, others are so so, and others aren't very good at all. I read them all though to get some different viewpoints. Sometimes the stuff I read is very good. Other stuff just makes me think. This set of articles at Van S' Blog is one that made me think. I'm still trying to figure out how it relates to "church" in the US.

I do know that the International Mission Board sends people to be an incarnational witness. I know that the people at Sagemont Church started by moving from where they were into the neighborhood where they started the church. All in all, part of being a good witness is simply being around people and loving them as you go about your normal life.

In short, I think the "right" balance is probably somewhere between Incarnational and Attractional. But, I think that balance will just happen. As you are incarnational with people, develop friendships, witness to people, love people, care about them, and disciple them to do the same once they get saved people will be drawn. People wo't be drawn by what WE DO but simply because we are allowing Christ to live through us.

Below are links to several articles. Enjoy!

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Incarnational Practice 3: Gather in 3rd Places and Homes
Incarnational Practice 4: Mobilize Discipleship
Incarnational Practice 5: Volunteering (instead of starting new programs)
Incarnational Practice 6: Limit Through-Traffic

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