How should parents parent?

So how should parents parent? Should they give their kids everything they want? Should they constantly put down their kids? Here is a link to an agape press article about Pushover Parenting.

Focus on the Family’s Dr. Bill Maier says the results of the study are disturbing but perhaps to be expected in light of another problem of increasing prevalence — the problem of what he calls pushover parents. “Unfortunately, there are a significant number of parents in this country who are unable or unwilling to provide their children with the moral guidance they so desperately need,” he says.

“These parents are so concerned about being liked by their kids that they fail to place any limits on their children’s behavior — even behavior that is dangerous or destructive,” Maier continues. He points to recent examples: a single mom in Florida, who stands accused of having sex with her son’s 15-year-old friend while he was spending the night at their house; and a Colorado case in which a woman allegedly threw parties for her teenage son and his friends, giving them alcohol and sexual favors.

Parents are supposed to raise their kids right. This means that the kids don’t get what they want all the time. The parents teach the kids right and wrong. The parents put limits on their kids. The parents (horror of horrors) punish their kids when the do wrong. Parents should spank their kids–no, timeouts aren’t enough. Parents are in charge and they should act like it.

Just so no one thinks otherwise, child abuse is wrong. There is clearly a wrong way to raise kids (treat them like slaves, always belittle them, etc…). Parenting is hard but, from what I have heard, rewarding work.

[Update 2012-12-26 06:42:18] Removed link to article.  It did point to; however, agape press is now OneNewsNow and I can’t find the article again.

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