Gen. Jackson, Christianity, and what we can learn

FOr those of you who don't know, I am a history buff (some would say that is an understatement). A part of history that I really enjoy is Civil War History. Currently, I'm rewatching the movie Gods and Generals. Right now, I'm at the 1st Battle of Bull Run (or Manassas depending on where you are from). For those of you who don't know, this is where Gen. Jackson got his nickname "Stonewall." The story goes that one officer was trying to encourage his troops to stand firm. He saw Gen. Jackson mounted on his horse while the battle was raging about. He pointed this out to his men and said something to the effect of "Look men. See Gen. Jackson standing like a stonewall."

I think we can learn quite a bit from the life of Gen. Jackson. He was only a man. He wasn't perfect. So, we shouldn't imitate him; however, we can take some qualities he had and apply them to our lives (after bouncing them off the Bible, of course).

First, he was deeply spiritual. In the movie, he is shown reading his Bible with his wife, praying, etc… Was he a Baptist, Presbyterian, or some other religion? I don't know; however, from what I have read, he took his faith in God seriously and appears to have a solid relationship with God.

Second, he knew his life had a purpose. In the movie he is portrayed waling alone and praying to God prior to the battle of Manassas. He prays to God and tells God that 1)he knows God wills him to be there at this time and 2)he knows God will watch over him and only let him come to harm if it is God's will.

Finally, after the battle, Gen. Jackson is asked by a soldier how he can stand there unwavering in the line of fire. Gen. Jackson's answer basically says that he trusts God. When God wants to take him home–to heaven–God will do so. Before that time, Gow will watch over Jackson therefore he has nothing to worry about.

What can we as christians learn from this? Well, if Gen. Jackson believes God can protect him in battle from bullets, explosions, etc…, can He not also protect us? If God is protecting us, why do we refuse to go to the limit and do what God wants?

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