One More Idea

My boss knows a lady who works at one of the universities in town with international students who are coming here to school. This lady has a program where she tries to hook internationals up with local people who will show them around, be friends to them, have them over for dinner, etc…. Basically, you befriend them. I'm interested in this program because I have been wanting to try and find a way to hook up with people from other countries. I think it would be cool to have a chance to get to learn more about other cultures, learn how to cook their food, speak a little of their language, and be friendly to someone else (on a side note, it could also give me a chance to witness to them).

Once I talk to Cyndi about it and, if she is agreeable, find more out about the program, I'll post some details here. Who knows…it may serve as an inspiration to others.

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