Witnessing to Muslim

While surfing this evening, I came across this article with points on witnessing to a Muslim. I found it very interesting. Here are a summary of the points made:

1. Where did Jesus say, “I am God, worship me”?
2. “Why do you worship three gods? How are you better than idolaters? Repent and acknowledge that God has no equals.”
3. “How can you demean God and say he begets a son? God has no female partner that he should have a son. Begetting is an animal act that is not fit for the holiness of God.”
4. The Bible has so much evil in it: murder, rape, incest, prostitution, adultery. It is immoral. How can you believe it is the word of God?
5. Jesus prophesied the coming of Mohammed: “And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever.” (John 14:16). Why do you not believe Jesus?
6. The Bible has been corrupted. How can you trust it?
7. Your Bible says that God “rested” on the seventh day. Your “god” is weak. The Qur’an says God never grows tired. God cannot be tired! How can you believe in such a weak god?
8. The Bible says not to eat pork, and that men must be circumcised. Why have Christians turned away from the commands of God?
9. Why does the Bible show Jesus drinking wine, and even using a miracle to create wine? Why all this moral decadence?
10. How can you say God did not create evil? Who but God can create?
11. Jesus did not die, neither was he crucified. Why do you believe God would abandon Jesus to such a death?
12. No one can atone for the sins of another. No one can carry another’s sins. When you live sinful lives and trust Jesus to save you, are you not just kidding yourselves?

Many Christians have grown up in cultures that are Christian in name only, and too often we let ourselves be dragged down into the godless lifestyle of the atheists and agnostics around us. If you are a Christian who has let sexual temptation drive his life into sin, who has let greed or selfishness or worldliness drive his life away from God, the first thing to do is to turn back to God. Someone who has turned away from God cannot witness to him effectively. If you want to effectively witness to people who pray five times a day, fast 40 days a year, and have large portions of their scriptures memorized, each of us then has an obligation to make sure his own life is in order. Each person must examine himself before presuming to instruct others.

How about it? Are we really christians, or are we just doing what we always have done?

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