Ink Jet Printers

Ever wonder what was going on inside your printer? Well, Dean Armstrong is a guy who has taken apart several inkjet printers.

I disassembled a broken Epson C80 inkjet printer the other day. They nearly always clog if you don't use them constantly, if you use them constantly but have low humidity, or if you look at them the wrong way. It was a useful exercise, and I learned a few things about the state of printer engineering and how things change over time

I've taken apart a number of inkjet printers, starting with old HP Deskjets from 1990. They used encoders and standard motors too, but the printer was designed to last. Canon Bubblejets from the mid-90's used steppers; and I had always assumed all printers would from now on. The HP Deskjets also used a Z80 CPU; I'd always loved that an ancient processor was still being used in embedded stuff. Keith tells me it's a great processor.

I would have had a huge absorptive sponge too, but it was full of ink.

Makes you wonder if you really run out of ink because you use it all or because the printer wastes a ton of it.

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