Growing Churches

I was reading BPNews yesterday and found this article about Emergent Evangelism. This article deals with something I have been thinking about for several months now. How do you "grow" the church? Here is a quote from the article:

Only a return to Scripture can cure a wandering church in need both of repentance and resolve to accurately and passionately preach to people in great need of the salvation of God.

How do you grow the church? Not by "programs." Not by "get big quick" schemes. The church gets bigger by getting more people saved. DUH!

Do you ever look at the stats and see how many Southern Baptist churches fail to baptize one person in a year? This is just sad. As a church, we need to wake up! Look at Europe! What cultural christianity! How sad!

Numbers aren't important, but if we really believe that Jesus is the answer, why don't we tell people? Why are we sitting on our padded pews every Sunday barely singing while a lost world goes to hell?!

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