Christian Jihad

Now that I have finished reading Constitutional Chaos, I have started reading Christian Jihad co-written by Ergun Caner and his brother Emir Caner.

I happen to not believe the lie that Islam is a peacefull religion. Read the Koran (or Qur'an. I don't know the proper spelling, and have seen it many ways online), and you will find this out. According to the Qur'an, there are two ways a Muslim gets to their "heaven" (only one way will certainly get theim there). The first way they get there is by having their good and bad weighed once they are dead. If their good deeds outweigh the bad deeds they have done in life, their god Allah will allow them in. The second (and the "sure" way way for them to get into their "heaven") is to die as a martyr in a jihad. If they do this, Allah will allow them in. The Qur'an also commands them to kill unbelievers and infidels who will not convert to islam. In my book, this makes Islam a violent religion.

This is where most people end the discussion of Jihad–a holy war–ends. This book, Christian Jihad makes the case that as Christians, we also have skeletons in our closet. Does anyone remember these things called The Crusades? "Christians" did the same thing except they said "God" called them to retake the Holy Land. What is the difference? Here is the description of this book from Ergun Caner's website:

Western Christians are often myopic when it comes to our own history. Christian Jihad examines the tragic events in Christian history when we have been guilty of the exact same atrocities which the Muslims have carried out in recent days.

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