Daily Devotion Thoughts

For those of you who are more curious about what my pastor said, today's My Utmost for His Highest sums it up:

Acts 26:19: Whereupon, O king Agrippa, I was not disobedient unto the heavenly vision

If we lose the vision, we alone are responsible, and the way we lose the vision is by spiritual leakage. If we do not run our belief about God into practical issues, it is all up with the vision God has given. The only way to be obedient to the heavenly vision is to give our utmost for God's highest, and this can only be done by continually and resolutely recalling the vision. The test is the sixty seconds of every minute, and the sixty minutes of every hour, not our times of prayer and devotional meetings.

"Though it tarry, wait for it." We cannot attain to a vision, we must live in the inspiration of it until it accomplishes itself. We get so practical that we forget the vision. At the beginning we saw it but did not wait for it; we rushed off into practical work, and when the vision was fulfilled, we did not see it. Waiting for the vision that tarries is the test of our loyalty to God. It is at the peril of our soul's welfare that we get caught up in practical work and miss the fulfilment of the vision.

This is the most difficult part for me…waiting. I usualy have the mindset of "Do something, even if it's wrong." But God wants us to wait on Him. Things will happen in his time. Remember, Jesus was only in "ministry" for 3 years. He waited 30 years till the time was right. Who among us would claim that Jesus was ineffective because He waited? Even if we have to wait 10, 20, or 30 years for God to get us where He needs us, we will accomplish much more for Him than we ever could by our own means.

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