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Well, I have applied for a job with the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention. They had one opening that fit me very well (it was a programmer position), and another that would be a good entrance into the organization–it was called a Business Process Analyst. This has me very exited. Imagine working for a group that sends missionaries all over the world!

I also talked to my pastor last night about what Cyndi and I are going through. I went primarily to see what he would want to know before allowing us to be presented to the church for their “sending”. Basically, the answer was all he needed to see was evidence of al “call”. What this means is that we would say something like “Pastor Kent, we believe God is calling us to do X” and that would be sufficient. We also talked a little about the situation, etc…. Basically, what came out of it was that we are doing what we should be doing now. We are availble for God to use us. We are looking for opportunities. We are seeking God and what he wants.

To all who are praying out there, THANK YOU. Please continue to pray that God would show us where he wants us to go and what he wants us to do. Pray that His will would be done. Pray that God would continue to draw us closer to him.

On the NiSource front, we don’t know anything more yet. We just know they are “looking” at outsourcing. According to the timeline they gave to us, the 2 outsourcers should have their RFP responses back to the company shortly (well, the timeline has this happening starting now and going through mid-April). Then, NiSource will review them and decide what to do by mid-May.

[Update 2012-12-26 14:51:06] I had the IMB link wrong (either that, or they used to also have too)

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