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20150106 - Exercise

1 min read

Army Reserve 2010 Best Warrior Competition Army Physical Fitness Test

Wow...I'm sore from yesterday.  My triceps are really really sore...the rest of me has that nice post-workout soreness.  I stopped by the store for some advil to help with the soreness.  Right now, it is nothing to worry about...I just need to push through it.  Here's what I did:

1 - Morning = AbTrainer and Pushup Trainer apps at easy 5 min
2 - Walking to/from work
3 - Nordic Trac for 40 min

FatSecret Journal for Jan 6, 2015
Wt: 114 kg
Waist: 49"
Neck: 17.25"

[Update 2015-01-06 08:55:38] Added links to apps

Image from dvidshub via flickr