Crimea, Ukraine, Russia, Kosovo and Serbia

Kosovo Flag (Official Flag) 17.02.2008

Firstly, I’m not making a political point here.  Don’t read one into this.  Don’t assume anything.  I generally don’t understand the differences.

In 2008, Kosovo unilaterally–without approval from Belgrade–voted to become independent.  The vote was held, the Serbs boycotted, and the province declared their independence.  Very much like this Crimea thing.

Crimea voted to leave the Ukraine in 2014.  Kiev didn’t approve, the vote wasn’t legal according to the law there; however, they voted to leave and join with Russia.

What’s the difference?  The only thing I can see is that the “west” didn’t like the Serbs so they sided with Kosovo at that time.  Now, the “west” doesn’t like Russia so they are siding against them here.  Can someone help me out?

Image from kosovo future maker via flickr

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