Snow in the South

20140130_GASnow1 20140130_GASnow2

Yes.  Yes, I am going to make fun of the people in Atlanta (and Georgia and other places in “the south”).  Not because I don’t think they are smart.  Not because I think they are hicks.  Not because of anything else you are thinking–I’m from West Virgina, don’t forget.  But because of their general flip out over snow and weather.

First, you should be thankful you’ve got snow.  Some people, like me, live their year waiting anxiously for winter.  Why?  Well, it can be sunny any time…it can rain any time…you can have a rainbow any time.  But winter is the only time you have a remote chance of snow.  That’s it.  One small 3 month window.  I love snow.  I’m still waiting for my winter this year to even have a chance of snow (we’ve had at the most 6 days with temperatures below freezing).  Once it gets cold, I wish for snow.

Second, have a look at the two pictures on the bottom.  Read that captions (click them for a larger view and proper source attribution).  Now look at the pictures again.  What do you notice?  That’s right…one has dry pavement and neither of them have SNOW.  They’ve got–what–an inch at the most.  You don’t need a 4×4 to move in that.  You need some common sense.  Even if the roads are a sheet of ice (like I’ve seen in some)…take it easy and you’ll get home.

The top picture illustrates what different people think of snow.  I find it hilarious.  Not because the Canadians are all like “look at our snow eh” but because people who get snow know what to do about it.  They spend the money to treat it on the roads.  They do the proactive work before-hand.  When it comes, they don’t freak out pass the “ahh milk and bread” level too often.  You deal with it.  

S0, at the end of the day, Slow down.  Take it easy.

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