Surface Pro 2

Surface (P365-296)

At work, we support loads of tech.  We’ve been having more and more people get surfaces….so we bought one.  It fell to me to break so we can figure out how to support people with them so I get to play with it.

Now, I’ve been wondering about getting one for the past year…so far, all my experience has done is really make me want one.  Here’s my initial impressions:

1) it is heavier than I thought it would be.  But, it is a real computer.  With a real operating system
2) I both love and hate the virtual keyboard.  
  a. I love it because when you go into number mode, you get symbols grouped off to one side with numbers on a virtual 10-key keypad.  MS’s business experience shines here.  
  b. I hate it for two reasons.  It doesn’t auto-pop when you select a text field.  When you long-press on the letter to get a number, the number isn’t auto selected.

As I play with it more, I’m sure I’ll get some more feedback to post.  Check back.

Image from steve petrucelli via flickr

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