20131016_Sky 20131020_VPNSpeedTest
Sky (ISP No VPN) On StrongVPN

Well, we just signed up for Sky Fibre /  Fiber.  It isn’t really fiber to the house…but it is fiber to the cabinet. You can see the actual results above.  This is way different from our previous aDSL servce.  But, on top of this, I run Strong VPN through a dedicated router.  I spent the best part of this week trying to sort out the problem.  I learned two things:

1) How to calculate the maximum theoretical speed of a wan link.  With my latency to the states, the max speed I can expect to the states is around 7Mbps.
2) I upgraded dd-wrt to a new version.  I’m not real sure what the difference was/is but it works better.  The connection is more stable and I get better more reliable throughput.

[Update 2013-10-20 06:21:47] I finally got around to doing a speed test on the VPN that I think is representative of the speeds we really get.

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