Today, I made it through…

security screening at denver airport

…more security theater.  For another point, look at this article.  You can see past things I’ve written here and here.

As I write this, I’m sitting air-side at Heathrow Airport.  I’m drinking my coffee and waiting for them to announce what gate I leave from.  And I didn’t have to take off my shoes or belt.  Why am I all gripey about this?  Well, it is the inconsistencies that get me.

I never take my shoes off, unless I get asked.  Why?  First off, I wear just about the same thing every time I fly.  I certainly wear the same shoes 100% of the time:  lace-up short hiking boots.  About 1/2 the time, I make it through the metal detectors without getting beeped.  The other half, I make the machine beep, have to take off my shoes.  The same with the belt….about 1/2 the time, I’m asked to take it off…the other half no one seems to mind.  

Are there standards or not?  Why does something make it through once but not another.  Come on people….

Image from danjo fing via flickr

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