Nexus 7

nexus 7 case (cheep)

When my parents came over, they brought me a Nexus 7 (I wanted the 32 GB + mobile version).  I had it all set up, but the battery life was horrible…and by horrible, I mean really bad.  After doing some reading online, I decided to reset it.  Well, after the reset, and reinstalling all the apps (well, most of them), battery life is much much better.

I also got a keyboard and a case.

I may end up and sell the keyboard if I don’t use it (it is really small).  But, so far, I really like it.  It solves all the problems I had with my Kindle Fire (basically, I couldn’t get the native gmail app, calendaring, etc…) with only one drawback (I can’t download Amazon Instant Movies).  As I use it more over the next few weeks, keep your eyes open for more reviews.

Image from yto via flickr

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