Our Guns: Goose hunting

how does one shoot someone through a door on “instinct.”  I’ve got to be missing something.  Here’s a quote:

“When you are a sportsman, you act even more on instinct,” he said. “It’s instinct – things happen and that’s what you do.” 

Allegedly–this is pretrial–he shot his girlfriend through a door while she was hiding in the bathroom.

Perhaps, this wasn’t premeditated.  I’m willing to believe that he got upset–for some reason–decided to get a gun and shoot her. But that isn’t instinct.  Instinct would be reflexively shooting someone when you walk downstairs at 3am to investigate a noise.  You then find out what you thought was a bad guy was your girlfriend.  Both result in a person being dead; however the first is cold-blooded murder and the second is a horrible accident.

As a hunter myself, I have a problem with his dad’s statement.  Hunters do anything BUT act on instinct.  One of the things drilled into you is to KNOW YOUR TARGET.  Don’t shoot a noise.  Get a positive ID, evaluate the target, verify there is no danger, and only then fire.

Image from chicagopublicmedia via flickr

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