What my day looks like

The Passage of Time

I have people ask me what my day looks like.  Here goes:

Alarm set for 4am.  His the snooze once or so.  Up by 4:20am
Get ready to work out.
Work out 4:45ish to 5:30
Take a shower, shave, etc….
Quiet time/Bible study 6am to 6:30
Watch the news and blog till 7
Lydia and Isaac get up anywhere from 5am to 7am.
Leave home at 7:30
Get to work around 8:15
Start work around 8:30
Work to anywhere from 3:30 to 5 or later.  Normally I probably average 4pm
Eat dinner when I get home (hopefully with the family)
go to bed anywhere from 10-10:30pm.  Unless I fall asleep on the couch

On the weekends, I may get to sleep in till 5, if my body clock will let me.

Image from tonivc via flickr

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