Contacts — Day 3, 4, and 5

eye 172/365

Well, I wore my contacts Sat, Sun, and again today.  Today was the last day of my trial so I had a checkup.  Here’s what I think:

Fit — I thought the lenses fit well.  Sure, I knew there were there because I could feel the edges of them as I moved my eyes; however, when I blinked they stayed in place and I couldn’t feel them when I closed my eyes.

Ease of Insertion — after the troubles on day 2, I didn’t have any repeat problems getting them in.  Although, for full-time wear, I certainly need a concave mirror.

Sight Quality — this is where they didn’t excel.  I couldn’t see as well with my contacts.  My left eye was fairly good but my right eye wasn’t.  I could read fine; however, it felt like things got fuzzier faster than they should have.  I mentioned this to the doctor today and….

She did another mini-exam.  I’m going to get a trial of 2 different kinds of lenses that may correct my astigmatism better.  The lenses have a rotation to them and only come in certain rotations.  My left eye was a good fit (I needed 161 and the lenses came in 160).  In the right eye, I needed something like 50 and could get a 20 or 90.  That explains my fuzzy vision.  

The new lenses should be in on Friday or Monday.  I’ll post a follow-up here.  If we can get the same quality of sight with contacts, who knows….I may be converted  :^)

Image from attila acs via flickr

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