Contacts — Day 2


Well, I blogged about me getting contacts.  Included was a 5 pair trial.  We used the first pair that first day, and I have to wear a pair back with me on Monday.  That gives me 3 more pairs to wear until then.  Cyndi and I decided that I’d wear them Fri, Sat, Sun, and Mon.  That means yesterday–Friday–was the first whole day I had worn my contacts.  Here’s some impressions.

I still don’t think I can see as well with contacts as I can glasses.  I’m unsure if this is because my vision with glasses is corrected so well (to 20/10) or it is just a mental thing.

The contacts themselves weren’t hard to get used to.  Yes, I can feel it when the lens bumps against my eyelid when I move my eye, but I can’t feel them when I blink, etc…  This is very much unlike the gas-permeable contacts I had 15 years ago.  With them, it felt like every blink drug them up my eye only to have them fall back down.

Inserting them was a pain.  Probably because I don’t have a good place and the bathroom was hot after my shower.  It took me a good 6 tries to get the first lens in.  If I keep this up, I need to buy one of those parabolic mirrors.  The actual finger in the eye thing was easy…but I taught myself to overcome that last time.

I wore them all day.  And by all day, I mean all day.  From about 6am or so to 10pm or so.  When I took them out and put in my glasses, I had to adjust back to glasses.

While I don’t think I see as well with contacts, I can read with no problems (the text is perfectly clear).  I can also use the computer just fine.

I really like the fact that if I pull something out of the oven or breathe on a cold morning, I don’t have to worry about my glasses fogging up.  That is super convenient.  I imagine I’ll keep it up just to have them for when/if I go skiing, etc…

I don’t think I’ll wear them every day.  I’ve worn glasses since I was in the 3rd grade (about 8 or so).  I just don’t mind it any more.  Heck, I don’t remember ever minding glasses since I’ve been an adult.  Being a kid was a different story, I’m sure.  Heck, the first pair I got were when we were in GTMO and I got 2 pair of BCGs (although they appear to be “in style” today).  I do remember it taking me forever to get used to wearing them then.

I still haven’t figured out what I’m going to do.  My first thought was to buy them outright at £40 for 30 pairs.  And then I was going to just get more when that was gone.  I would also pay for my glasses outright.  But, everyplace here offers a plan where you pay monthly, get lenses, and get discounts on eyewear and follow-up exams.  And since I picked daily wear contacts, I have an option.  I can get 10 pairs per month, delivered, all of my follow-up care included, and 50% off on glasses for £14/month.  I can then pause it (if I’m not wearing 10 pairs per month), increase it, or pause it.  All with no commitments.  Sure, the lenses work out more that way, but 50% off glasses is a super deal.


Oh, the lenses I have Acuvue Moist for Astigmatism lenses.

[Update 2013-02-04 18:46:42] I had day 5 of my trial.  I blogged about days 3, 4, and 5 here.

Image at the top from SimonQ錫濛譙 via flickr

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