Getting Ready for Prague — Day 22 of 101

Champion Bodybuilders in kuwait 2 June2010

FatSecret for 23 Jan 2013
Weight:  110 kg (-1kg)
Waist:  47.5 in (+.5)
Neck: 16.75 in (0)
Body Fat as reported by DietAndFitnessToday:  34.64
Total Weight Loss:  8 kg (from high of 118 kg)

Note, there will be no posts for 24 Jan – 28 Jan (Days 23 – 27)

Also note, I haven’t posted an actual picture of me yet because I don’t want to make guys like on the left feel bad.  That’s also the same reason I turned down A&E when they offered me a job standing in swimming trunks and no shirt in front of their store.

Image from Kuwait-Ra’ed Qutena via flickr

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