Getting Ready for Prague — Day 21 of 101

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Note, free day 19 Jan 2013.  No exercise or tracking 20 Jan 2013 (Sunday).  Yesterday was a snow day for Lydia…I slept in.

FatSecret for 22 Jan 2013
Weight:  111 kg (3kg+)
Waist:  47.5 in (+.5)
Neck: 17 in (+.25)
Body Fat as reported by DietAndFitnessToday:  34.33
Total Weight Loss:  7 kg (from high of 118 kg)

I know, I’m going the wrong way.  Saturday was my free day.  I didn’t work out yesterday.  I didn’t eat all that bad; however, I didn’t drink enough water.  Two days of that, and I should be back on track.

Image from aktivioslo via flickr

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